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tataUFO, the Next Generation Social Networking Platform on TTC Protocol

TTC Protocol’s First DAPP, tataUFO, is now testing the TTC Reward Engine by tracking every user’s Reputation and every Content’s Content Value.

tataUFO on TTC Protocol

tataUFO is a social networking DAPP designed for lifestyle sharing, where users can share their daily lives and build relationships based on their common interests. Though it is open to all ages, its target users are college students.

Since its launching in 2013, tataUFO’s registered user-base quickly grew above 10 million. Therefore, this brand recognition among the younger generation is sure to provide a solid foundation for the livelihood of the TTC ecosystem.

We are thrilled to inform you that tataUFO officially updated its platform to implement the Reputation and Content Value system of TTC Protocol. Though a test phase, tataUFO has just taken its first giant step towards becoming the world’s largest blockchain-based social networking platform.


Reputation is a quantified value of the long-term contributions made by users on TTC Protocol. Higher the Reputation, the more value a user has within the TTC ecosystem.

A user’s Reputation is set to 1 upon registration, which can be increased to a maximum value of 100. The increase rate is relatively fast in the beginning; but, the rate gradually decreases as users approach their upper limit. There are several ways for users to increase their Reputation.

Reputation increase will occur when:

  • users show their loyalty to the platform by frequently using it
  • users post high quality contents that are appreciated by many other users
  • users actively socialize and increase the number of followers
  • users participate in auditing reported contents
tataUFO has recently implemented the Reputation system of TTC Protocol

As Reputation represents a user’s overall contribution to the platform, it will directly relate to Reputation rewards issued from the TTC reward pool. Rewards will be distributed to each user of the platform according to their Reputation exactly one day prior to the payout day.

For more information, please check out the TTC Whitepaper.

Content Value

Content Value reflects the quality of the content a user creates. The higher the quality, the more value it adds to the platform; hence, a higher Content Value and a bigger content reward.

But, as it is difficult to abstractly quantify a post’s value, TTC Protocol calculates the Content Value based on various interactions made by others. As users interact with contents both positively (e.g. sharing, liking) and negatively (e.g. reporting), the quantification of a Content Value will consider all interactions.

For a higher Content Value, a post will have to:

  • receive more comments
  • get more likes
  • be shared more
  • not get reported

As straight forward as it is, there is still one more important aspect that factors into the calculation of a Content Value. And, this is the Reputation of those who interact with the content. Interactions made by users with high Reputation will have a larger impact, both positive and negative, compared to those made by users with low Reputation.

We expect the implementation of such a concept, Content Value, will create a better platform for tataUFO; and in the long-run, every DAPP to be launched on TTC Protocol.

What’s Next?

tataUFO recently updated its platform to a brand new version which can test and familiarize its users to the above systems.

As this is considered a test phase regarding tataUFO’s official launch on TTC Protocol, we hope to bring you even greater news around mid-July of 2018.

tataUFO is preparing for a revolutionary leap which will impact billions of lives in the near future. TTC is proud to be its partner, stage, and protocol for creating such history.

TTC Protocol is more than happy to be a part of an era which will tremendously change our future. And, we are extremely thankful for being able to walk this path alongside our community members and promising DAPPs with powerful teams of developers, such as tataUFO.

If you are interested in our latest footsteps and would like to communicate with our team, please visit our telegram channel.

— Team TTC

About TTC

TTC is a blockchain fit for mass adoption and a sustainable token economy model. For details, visit our website. For the latest news on TTC, join ourTelegram and follow us on twitter.



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