The All New TTC, Maro

TTC is now Maro starting Sep. 22. 2020.

Since the release of our whitepaper in January of 2018, we have built and operated various blockchain based applications and services. This surely accelerated the growth of our team and pushed us to reach out to the global market on a greater scale.

The global pandemic has challenged us with unforeseen tasks, but provided the team with a way of seeing things differently. We had time to redefine our mission and further develop our vision, which led to a conclusion that we needed a brand that could better represent us as a whole and approach others, globally.

We introduce to you, Maro. In Esperanto, a synthetic language created for the global citizen, “Maro” means the “Sea”. As the sea is a place where all things birth and all things return, we hope that Maro will illustrate what we, and you, dream to accomplish with new innovative technology.


  • Connect, cooperate, and prosper

Maro provides a globally connected infrastructure where anyone can cooperate and interact within our global economy


  • Maro provides a market where efficient value exchange can take place
  • Maro provides an accessible and secure financial solution
  • Maro provides an open and sustainable blockchain infrastructure


  • A colour that can embrace and express diversity is for us
  • Maro visualizes openness, tolerance, and a lifeful ecosystem

The all new Maro will lead the team to further reach out to more users and integrate all parts of this global economy. And, to promote further connection and cooperation, Maro will be promoting various reachout programs and marketing campaigns to grow awareness of the beneficial services provided by Maro.

The Maro team has been developing, building, and producing various services that anyone can utilize and benefit from. We have provided scalable blockchain infrastructure, mobile wallet apps, a DeFi solution, and more. We hope to further this effort to bring about better solutions and services which can impact every corner of this world.

Key Services

  1. Maro Blockchain:
    Maro is a scalable blockchain solution with a sustainable token economy model
  2. Maro Connect:
    Maro Connect is a secure and easy-to-use mobile wallet app of the Maro Network. Maro Connect allows users to vote for Representatives, transfer assets, and make payments. Also, users may utilize the Staking Service, Collateralized Debt Service, and more through the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) service Tigris all while having direct on-hand access to a decentralized exchange and various DAPPs.
  3. Maro Developer Center:
    Maro Developer Center offers development tools and information of the Maro Network to developers.
  4. Maro Scan:
    Maro Scan is a tool where users can search all transactions made on the Maro Blockchain.
  5. Acorn Box:
    Acorn Box is a mobile wallet app built for a broad user base. Users of all spectrum can enjoy a social network service, play games, and use various other DAPPs. Via DAPPs such as WorkBox, users may create value and get rewarded for their contribution anywhere, anytime.

About Maro

Maro is a blockchain solution with scalability and a sustainable token economy model. Connect and cooperate to create value and opportunities to build a prosperous world with Maro. For details, visit our website.To receive the latest news on TTC, join our Telegram and follow us on twitter.



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Connect and cooperate to create value and opportunities to build a prosperous world