The TTC Holder’s Guide to Token Swap using TTC Connect

Learn how to token swap with TTC Connect and what more you can do with it afterward.

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Dear supporters,

This article will guide you through the token swap process.

Before we begin…

TTC holders can also swap the TTC ERC20 tokens via official exchange partners, listed below. If you already have your TTC stored in those exchanges, please check the announcement from your preferred exchange partner.

⚠️ Important ⚠️

The exact time of snapshot is not guaranteed due to various factors, such as network condition and exchange circumstances. An exchange has the sole right to interpret the snapshots taken by the exchange. We recommended not to move the assets between 12 hours before/after the designated time. TTC will not be responsible for unrecorded snapshots.

How to token swap with TTC Connect

Now for those holders who prefer to undergo the token swap process individually, please follow the below instructions.

⚠️Make sure you have the latest version of TTC Connect (iOS|Android) on your smart phone.

1. Go to “ME” tab > “TTC Main Network Swap” > “Start”

2. Send your ERC20 TTC tokens to the address provided on the screen

3. Touch “Next” > “Done”

4. Voila. Token Swap is completed.

  • The displayed total TTC asset value represents both your TTC and ACN calculated in terms of TTC. (e.g. 1,000TTC+10,000ACN=2,000TTC displayed)
  • Please be aware that 70% of ACN will be NOT be transferrable due to a 30 day lock-up period.

Other functions of TTC Connect

After you complete the token swaps, you can utilize TTC Connect for the following functions.

Access all Acorn Alliance DAPPs

TTC Connect allows you to access all Acorn Alliance DAPPs with a Single-Sign-On (SSO). With a touch of a button, your wallet address will be linked to DAPPs of your choice and collect all the rewards from Acorn Rewards Engine and Acorn AD Network.

Transfer TTC and ACN to others

TTC Connect is a secure and reliable cryptocurrency wallet. You can control your TTC and ACN (or any future TST20 tokens) asset easily and transfer them whenever you want to whomever you want.


Through TTC Connect, you can use the TTC Decentralized Exchange (TDEX), enabling you to easily swap TTC and ACN (or any future TST20 tokens). You can convert ACN to TTC to participate in voting, or TTC to ACN to participate in In-App Purchase (IAP).

Pay for goods and service with TTC via TTC PAY (Coming soon)

When TTC PAY is integrated into a third party service/merchant, users can pay for good just by scanning a QR code. This function will be supported soon as we are tirelessly working with various services.

If you have any further questions, please contact us thru Telegram group or email.

Thank you.

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