Third Team Reserve Unlock

As stated in the Maro Whitepaper, beginning on June 25th, 2018, 2% of the total coin supply will be unlocked annually for 4 years (8% in total) to be distributed among foundation developers, team members, and advisors. The third team reserve unlock for affiliates will take place on July 16th, 2021, on which 20M MARO will be unlocked. However, this does not mean that the coins will be immediately distributed or sold.

To transparently and efficiently manage the newly unlocked assets, they will be moved to a secure wallet on the same day of unlocking. Currently, 40M MARO has been unlocked and distributed.

Unlocked but undistributed funds will be under strict supervision of the foundation and be used for purposes such as recruiting new talent. The scheduled coin distribution amid team members and advisors will take place based on agreed contracts starting next week.

About Maro

Maro is a global ecosystem for people to connect, cooperate, and prosper. As an open blockchain infrastructure, users can directly connect to the global economy with Maro. Maro’s unique Multi-tier DPoS Consensus and Multi-Network mechanism offers a scalable blockchain with high-throughput and a sustainable token economy. Maro is a place for a true global citizen, come join our worldwide community. For details, visit our website. To receive the latest news on Maro, join our Telegram and follow us on Twitter.



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