⚠️ On March 31st 2019, TTC Foundation launched its own blockchain solution, TTC, and rebranded TTC Protocol as Acorn Protocol. This article was published before the separation. [Read more]

Token Distribution Event (TDE) is on the way

Dear participants, the waiting is over.

Edited on 9/5, 2018

After the token sale has concluded on May 18th, we announced the outlines of how and when the Token Distribution Event (TDE) will take place in our “Post Token Sale Announcement”.

We announced that our first listing will occur sometime within June or July. And, as the promised time is upon us, we are here to inform our valued community members of the details regarding TTC’s token distribution.

Token Distribution Event (TDE)

The distribution of TTC tokens to all participants of token sales will commence on June 25th, 2018 at 3pm Beijing time (GMT+8). We expect this process will be complete within approximately 5 hours. During the course of the distribution process tokens will become visible as they are transferred from the TTC contract.

⛔️ Team TTC never directly contact or DM our participants. We do not send out personal messages through email, Kakaotalk, or Telegram. Please be aware of phishing and scams.

Add TTC Tokens Into MyEtherWallet

While TTC tokens will be distributed automatically to the ETH wallets (registered during the KYC), they must be registered as custom tokens for participants to use them. Based on its popularity, we chose MyEtherWallet (MEW) for our instructive example. If you are using another wallet service, the basic concept is very similar. Please improvise.


Open your MEW Wallet and on your MEW wallet, click “ ADD CUSTOM TOKEN


Accordingly fill in the below information into your screen, then click “Save”

Contract Address: 0x9389434852b94bbaD4c8AfEd5B7BDBc5Ff0c2275 (This contract address has been changed to a new contract address, in order to prevent any future confusion)
Token Symbol: TTC
Decimals: 18

Voila. All done.

Airdrop for ICO Participants

We will be doing an airdrop event for all ICO pariticpants. The total amount for the Airdrop is 18,042,857.5385516 TTC, or roughly 1.8% of total hardcap.

⚠️ Airdrop specifics regarding the Bounty Program will be announced later.

How does this airdrop work?

To: All participants of TTC token sale (incl. Private/Pre-ICO/Main-ICO)
Total Amount for the Airdrop: 18,043,857.5385516 TTC

How: Through 3 separate airdrops, each airdrop distributing 6,014,619.1795172 TTC tokens. Drop ratio will correspond with the amount of TTC tokens the ICO participated wallet contains.

Amount of TTC tokens airdropped to participant “A” = 6,014,619.1795172 TTC * (amount of TTC in A’s ICO wallet / total amount of TTC tokens in every participants ICO wallets)

Real Life Example

0. Background
A participant named “James” obtained 5 TTC during the token sale.
- During token sale, a total of 100 participants obtained 1,000 TTC.

First Snapshot: July 10th, 2018 / 00:00 (GMT+8)
- Between 100 participants, a total of 200 TTC tokens were sold. 800 TTC are owned by all participants, in their respective ICO participated wallets.
- James did not sell. He still owns 5 TTC.

James will receive:
6,014,619.1795172 * (5/800) = 37591.369872 TTC

Second Snapshot: August 14th, 2018 / 00:00 (GMT+8)
Between 100 participants, a total of 200 TTC tokens were sold again. 600 TTC are owned by all participants, again, in their ICO participated wallets.
- James bought 15 TTC. He now owns 20 TTC.

James will receive:
6,014,619.1795172 * (20/600) = 200,487.305984 TTC

Third Snapshot: October 23rd, 2018 / 00:00 (GMT+8)
- Between 100 participants, a total of 300 TTC tokens were sold again. Now only 300 TTC are owned by all participants.
- James sold 12 TTC. He now owns 8 TTC.

James will receive:
6,014,619.1795172 * (8/300) = 160,389.844787 TTC

Rules & Guideline for Airdrop

  1. Only the tokens inside the wallet used for the token sale will be considered valid for the calculation of Airdrops. Please make sure that your TTC tokens are stored in the right wallet for the snapshot.
  2. The exact time of snapshot could have up to 48 hours of error margin due to network issues and the lack of better technology. Please note that we will only count TTC tokens shown on the snapshot for airdrop calculation.
  3. The tokens will be distributed within 48 hours from the time of each snapshot.

More detailed info regarding the first Airdrop event will be announced later through our official channels.

Listing on Exchanges

TTC Protocol believes that being listed on prominent exchanges will provide the project a better chance for global expansion. We are trying our best to design strategies that will allow TTC to expand worldwide. A global community where everyone can take advantage of the benefits of TTC Protocol is what we aim for. We will share detailed news regarding our first listing during the Token Distribution Event.

If you have any questions, please reach us through our email, telegram channels, or other social media pages.

- Team TTC

About TTC

TTC is a blockchain fit for mass adoption and a sustainable token economy model. For details, visit our website. For the latest news on TTC, join ourTelegram and follow us on twitter.



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