TTC Halving — What and When?

TTC Halving will take a place in 4 weeks

Dear Community,
The first TTC Halving occurs on 10,512,000th blocks, estimated to be on April 13th 2020. The next TTC Halving will occur on 21,024,000th block.

What is TTC Halving?

‘Halving’ is an event where the reward for mining new blocks is “halved”, meaning miners receive 50% fewer rewards for verifying transactions. The ‘Halving’ mechanism, used with the limited supply amount, is designed to decrease the supply of cryptocurrency and adjust the inflation rate.

In TTC’s case, the rewards for each block producing will be adjusted from 11.89117152 TTC to 5.945585761 TTC. The annual inflation rate of TTC is expected to be adjusted from 12.5% now to 6.25%.

TTC Halving will also affect the all the other figures related to the TTC Halving, such as Voting Rewards and Tigris Protocol Staking Rewards. We will make a more detailed announcement as the actual TTC Halving event approaches us. Stay tuned by following the official Telegram and twitter.

— TTC Foundation

About TTC

TTC is a blockchain fit for mass adoption and a sustainable token economy model. For details, visit our website. For the latest news on TTC, join our Telegram and follow us on twitter.



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