⚠️ On March 31st 2019, TTC Foundation launched its own blockchain solution, TTC, and rebranded TTC Protocol as Acorn Protocol. This article was published before the separation. [Read more]

TTC Protocol — Flys to San Francisco and Kiev

TTC Protocol has been invited to Blockchain x Odyssey and is sponsoring HackIT Forum

Dear supporters,

In September, beyond releasing its test network “Merapi” and wallet “TTC Connect,” TTC Protocol began its roadshow, starting with Asia.

This month, we will be heading toward the Western Hemisphere, and coming back to Seoul to wrap-up the month with our own community meetup.

Blockchain x Odyssey (SF, USA)

Blockchain x Odyssey: San Francisco is an exclusive, top-level meetup which will hold unique and forward-thinking panel discussions, keynote speeches and presentations on the topics of fund investments, direction of blockchain projects in the time of crisis, and trading.

TTC Protocol’s CEO, Brian, will be discussing about the direction of blockchain projects in the time of crisis. Brian will be debating the topic with prominent figures such as the CEO of MOAC, Founder of ARPA, and Co-founder of Irisnet.

Blockchain x Odyssey will gather top-tier worldwide blockchain projects, local media, influencers, and investors to discuss the current trends, the changes that the industry is facing, as well as the future of the blockchain space and its potential impact on the global community. The event will be an opportunity for TTC Protocol to learn more about the changing dynamic of the blockchain industry and be a part of SF’s blockchain scene filled with brilliant minds, cutting-edge technologies and forward-thinking industry leaders.

HackIT (Kiev, Ukraine)

HackIT aims to become a place for strong security networking gathering of professional tech developers and leading security experts. And, as the forum’s round table gathered experts and visionaries for discussing the most sensitive and essential topics about cyber-security, leading industry experts will share practical lessons, new ideas, effective solutions to various problems, unique opportunities to take part in methodology creation, and much more.

During the event, Brian, CEO of TTC Protocol, will be discussing and sharing on how TTC Protocol plans to build a community-driven consensus and how it leads to the mass adoption of blockchain. Because HackIT has been designed not to be a vendor’s exhibition, but an exciting event for discussing cyber-security at a crossroad amid Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, we expect it will be a good opportunity to inform various developer/hacker communities about TTC Protocol.

TTC Protocol Seoul Meetup

After visiting San Francisco and Kiev, TTC Protocol will be concluding its roadshow in Seoul. The meetup will be held at the Gangnam business district on the 23rd of October at 7pm. The event will be attended by various community members, the TTC Protocol team and Hashed team. Key speakers for the event will include Simon Kim (CEO of Hashed), Ryan Lee (CEO of Dunamu&Partners), Yongil Kwon (CEO of NEOPLY), Suyong Park (CEO of Block Crafters Capital), Sinhae Lee (Head of Korea at GBIC) and SoSo (Founder of SoSo Lab and Partner at Block Crafters Capital).

Bug Bounty Program

To better the TTC Protocol experience and improve its ecosystem, code enthusiasts are invited to join our community. Each individuals’ contribution will become part of a change which will impact billions.

Bug Bounty : https://hackenproof.com/ttc/ttc-protocol
Github : https://github.com/TTCECO/gttc

As it is an extremely exciting time and phase for TTC protocol, reaching out and correlating with additional markets and communities will definitely provide us a solid base for further developments. We hope to meet prominent partners and friends throughout these events.

If you have any questions, reach us through our telegram channel and official email. We will continuously share updates and progress to the community. Thank you for your support and interest in TTC Protocol.

— TTC Foundation

About TTC

TTC is a blockchain fit for mass adoption and a sustainable token economy model. For details, visit our website. For the latest news on TTC, join ourTelegram and follow us on twitter.



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