TTC Protocol launches the “Merapi” testnet and a wallet app “TTC Connect”

It has been about four months since we shared the open letter about building TTC blockchain for billions, and we are thrilled to announce that today TTC Protocol just launched our own Testnet, “TTC Merapi Test Network”, and TTC wallet, “TTC Connect.”

Merapi is a completely self-reliant blockchain solution and sustainable token economy model for social networks, and TTC Connect will connect the users to TTC Protocol’s ecosystem and blockchain.

The launching of both the TTC Testnet and Wallet is an essential milestone for TTC Protocol, signaling the project is one step closer to building its own independent ecosystem.

Merapi Testnet

Merapi is a completely self-reliant blockchain solution and sustainable token economy model designed specifically for social networks.

Key Features

  • Multi-level BFT-DPoS: A consensus based on DPoS, designed to maintain the high transaction speed and low cost, while providing easy participation of users to bring robustness to the ecosystem
  • DAPP Chains: One Core Chain for TTC transaction, multiple DAPP Chains for operation transactions, and Cross-Chain for interactions among chains
  • TReE (TTC Reward Engine): Distributes TTC coins on a daily basis to every contributor, including representatives, voters, DAPP developers, and DAPP users

TTC Connect: Manage Your Assets & Govern the Consensus

Along with Merapi Testnet, TTC Protocol launched its cryptocurrency wallet, TTC Connect. It will provide users with a single hub to synchronize TTC rewards with multiple DAPPs, transfer TTC assets among other users or exchanges, and take part in the governance of consensus by voting for representatives.

⚠️ TTC testnet coins distributed on the Merapi test network does not carry real-world value. TTC Connect is also connected with the Merapi test network, thus not compatible with ERC-20 TTCs.

  1. Download TTC Connect

TTC Connect is currently available in both App Store and Google Play Store.

2. Receive TTC Merapi Testnet coins

Every user can receive 1,000 TTC testnet coins from the TTC Faucet 
⚠️ These Testnet coins are only for testing and have no real-world value.

3. Vote and get voting rewards

You can vote for representatives of the TTC Multi-level BFT-DPoS consensus. When the representative you voted for produces a block, you will acquire a portion of the block reward in real-time.

TReE: Receive daily TTC rewards

TReE (TTC Reward Engine) distributes TTC rewards to participants for their contributions to the ecosystem. On a daily basis, users can get rewarded by participating proactively and making contributions to DAPPs.

  1. Download tataUFO

tataUFO is the first DAPP in the ecosystem of TTC Protocol. It is a personal life sharing social platform that is tailored to millennials and younger Generation Z. Users share their lives and interact with each other to build social relationships.

2. Socially interact with others

  • Publish high-quality posts which will be appreciated by many users
  • Interact with high-quality posts by liking, commenting, etc.

3. Check your daily rewards transferred into your wallet

The TReE distributes TTC coins to all the participants at 24:00 GMT everyday. If you made any social interaction in tataUFO (more DAPPs in the near future,) you have a chance to earn a share of TTC rewards. The higher the value of the content you have created or interacted with, the more Content Reward you can get. In addition, if your Reputation is over a certain amount, you can will receive Reputation Reward as well.

Block Explorer

The TTC Block explorer is a blockchain tool used to search detailed information regarding block transactions made on the TTC Protocol. Important details about TTC Protocol’s blockchain along with information on block transactions and representatives will be open to the public and easily accessible.

  • Block: Time of production, detailed information of the block producer, all transactions recorded on the block, etc, will be searchable
  • Transaction: All transactions information such as, time of transaction, related addresses, success or failure of the transaction will be availabe
  • Account: All account information on the blockchain can be accessed
  • Representative: Detailed information on those who participate in block production can be viewed

⚠️ TTC DAPP rewards distributed on the Merapi test network does not carry real-world value. Exchangeable TTCs with real-world value will be rewarded when the main network goes live.

Bug Bounty Program

To better the TTC Protocol experience and improve its ecosystem, code enthusiasts are invited to join our community. Each individuals’ contribution will become part of a change which will impact billions.

Bug Bounty :
Github :

After Merapi Testnet passes the performance test and security test, TTC Protocol will launch the TTC Rigi Mainnet, a secure and stable blockchain solution for social networks. TReE will be officially launched following the Rigi Mainnet launch. Consensus mining rewards and social mining rewards will be distributed to all participating parties thereafter.

Let us witness the birth of the new standard for the next generation of social networks.

If you have any questions, reach us through our telegram channel and official email. We will continuously share updates and progress to the community. Thank you for your support and interest in TTC Protocol

— TTC Protocol

About TTC Protocol

TTC Protocol is one of the largest social networking ecosystems on the blockchain, with over 23m users. TTC Protocol provides a simple-to-integrate and fully-customizable blockchain-based SDK for existing communities, which acknowledges users’ contribution to the community and rewards them.

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