TTC x Xangle — Increased Transparency and Traditional Corporate Outreach

TTC Foundation
Jul 4 · 2 min read

We are excited to announce our partnership with Xangle, a global crypto asset disclosure platform that is bringing transparency to the market and making blockchain projects understandable to traditional corporates and financial institutions.

Here are two key points on why this partnership is meaningful to TTC and our community.

Reliable and accurate source of information

To further assist TTC community members to conveniently acquire accurate information regarding latest business updates and coin supply, TTC partnered with Xangle. Xangle is building a comprehensive data platform with a legitimate information framework, by connecting projects, exchanges and corporates. It aims to be a reliable source of accurate information for crypto asset disclosure. TTC Foundation will be closely working with the Xangle team to provide more precise information about TTC to our users.

Institutional grade reports for exchanges, funds and traditional corporates

As part of this partnership, TTC Foundation went through an intensive evaluation process with Xangle to publish TTC’s due diligence reports on Xangle’s partnered exchanges. Xangle is working with leading exchanges in Korea such as Bithumb, Korbit, GOPAX, and CPDAX, and are in the process of expanding their service to exchanges outside Korea. The reports published on various platforms with the help of Xangle are expected to be referenced for further evaluation of TTC.

There are more news coming up, so please stay tuned for more announcements regarding partnerships for both Acorn Alliance and TTC.

Note: Xangle is in Beta version today, and is planned to revamp in the coming months with a new look and disclosure feed. You will be able to receive timely feeds of TTC’s official disclosures on Xangle once the platform goes live.

If you have any further questions, please contact us through our Telegram group or email.

Thank you.

TTC Foundation

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TTC is a blockchain fit for mass adoption and a sustainable token economy model. For details, visit our website.To receive the latest news on TTC, join our Telegram and follow us on twitter.

TTC — Official Blog

TTC is a blockchain fit for mass adoption and a sustainable token economy model.

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A Blockchain Fit for Mass Adoption and a Sustainable Token Economy Model

TTC — Official Blog

TTC is a blockchain fit for mass adoption and a sustainable token economy model.

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