WorkBox Beta2 Launched

On July 6th, we are launching the WorkBox Beta2. With this update, users can enjoy a wide range of tasks from various sectors and a whole new UI/UX to help you complete tasks more efficiently. We are connecting the WorkBox with the Acorn Protocol, which provides better rewards to users. We plan to launch the official version of WorkBox containing Acorn Protocol in early august.

WorkBox Beta2 provides works below:

  • 2D/3D Bounding Box
  • Image/Text/Audio Classification
  • Image Comparison
  • Accuracy Check

WorkBox is a crowd work platform, where anyone can create value online and earn the rewards in return, in real-time. WorkBox will realize a highly efficient yet low-cost service, combining the benefits of Micropayments, Instant Payment and Smart Contract of TTC blockchain, with following features:

  • Anyone can work anywhere and anytime
  • The quality of the final works ensured by the consensus mechanism
  • The rewards are distributed instantly with full transparency, by the Smart Contract

WorkBox will handle a large quantity of data in a short period for the clients while providing a new way of making money to workers around the world.

We expect to increase the Acorn ecosystem as many clients and workers come into the ecosystem. We believe that the network economy created by the Acorn protocol will change the way people work.

About TTC

TTC is a blockchain fit for mass adoption and a sustainable token economy model. For details, visit our website. To receive the latest news on TTC, join our Telegram and follow us on twitter.



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