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Cryptocurrency in your everyday life

Today, everybody has probably heard about cryptocurrency. Perhaps the topic of bitcoin became more popular than the weather. Many companies expand their business spheres to enter the digital market. Some banks add operations with cryptoassets to the list of their services, and the most progressive firms already pay their employees salaries in bitcoins.

In this article, we will describe the main spheres for using cryptocurrency in your everyday life.

Online shopping

You may be surprised to learn that such famous online stores as Amazon and Overstock accept cryptocurrency as payment. Moreover, if on Amazon you can pay with bitcoins only Overstock took a step further and offered its users to pay with Dash and Monero as well. In the Microsoft Store you can also buy Windows or Xbox for BTC.


Got bitcoins and decided to go abroad for the weekend? No problem! With AirBaltic, you can fly to the CIS, Europe, and even the middle East. The Latvian air carrier has been accepting cryptocurrencies since 2014. While the Expedia booking service offers you to book a hotel and pay for it with BTC.

Buying real estate or cars

Cryptocurrency ‘penetrated’ this field as well. You can also use bitcoins to make expensive purchases, such as buying real estate or a car.

And with TO THE MOON card, everything becomes even easier! This is a convenient and reliable tool that can be used for shopping in both online and offline stores, as well as for paying for any services, including ordering a taxi and delivering food.

You can add BTC, ETH, USDT and TRX to your card. As soon as the funds are credited to the balance, they are automatically converted to euros at the current exchange rate. This means that the amount on your card will remain unchanged regardless of further market changes (rise or decline).

That’s it! Now when your funds are credited, within 10–15 minutes you can make purchases or pay for services. Become a TTM card holder and secure your comfortable future in the world of cryptocurrencies.

TTM Bank card is supported by UAB Walletto under the card distribution program



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