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Dear friends! We have already answered a lot of questions but some still remain so we are happy to continue to reply to them.

I paid for the card before September 13. Will I get a virtual card as a gift?

Yes, everyone who managed to order a card before Sunday, September 13, we will give a virtual card for free.

Is it possible to issue ONLY a virtual card without issuing a plastic one?

Yes, it is. It is also possible to issue only a plastic card without ordering a virtual one.

Many people write in the chat that it is not profitable to use the card. Taking into account all the fees and charges for conversion of cryptocurrencies to euros, the costs are high. Please explain the benefits of the card using an example. What will be the losses if you top up your card with bitcoin and then transfer rubles from it to another card?

TTM Bank card is a convenient tool for daily purchases both in online and offline stores. Of course, you can store funds on the card, withdraw cash from ATMs, and top up ‘traditional’ bank cards with TTM cards. However, the main function of the TTM card is to conveniently use your cryptocurrency to pay for daily purchases.

The cash reload fee is 1% while the cross-conversion fee is 1.5%, which in most cases is more profitable than the rates of cryptocurrency exchange services.

How do I get a virtual card if I paid for a plastic card before September 13?

You will get it for free — it will be available in your personal account.

How much is the annual service of the card?

Monthly card maintenance costs €2, so the amount for the year will be €24.

Is it possible to pay with cryptocurrency?

Since we issue cards, the balance is replenished with available cryptocurrencies, which are immediately converted to euros at the current exchange rate. When you make a purchase of goods or services, you pay in fiat money (by default, Euro), which is converted to the local currency when you pay.

Is a cold storage already available? Can I buy it and how to use it?

This product is under development, the exact release dates will be known later.

How much does it cost to reissue the card?

The reissue of the card costs €20.

I ordered and paid for the card, but couldn’t pass verification by photo. It’s been a few days. I was notified that a link had been sent to the mail, but I got no message. What should I do?

Write to the technical support service — on the website there is a blue button in the lower right corner. Our experts will help you solve this issue.

Can I get a credit card without an international passport?

You can do this if you have an identity document in ENGLISH (this document is required for passing the KYC procedure).

When will the cards be sent?

Virtual cards are already available, and plastic cards will be sent in October.

Didn’t find an answer to your question? Leave a comment — we will be happy to help you!



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