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Instructions for issuing a TTM Bank plastic card

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the ‘Register’ button (upper right corner) or ‘ORDER TO THE MOON CARD’

3. Register (in the appropriate fields, enter your e-mail address and the password (you need to repeat it). Agree to the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Prepaid Card Terms — to do this, tick the box on the left — and click ‘Next’)

4. The system will automatically redirect you to the card registration form. Fill in personal data in English: first name, last name and phone number with country code. You need to indicate a delivery address that is convenient for you to get your card. Delivery is carried out on business days. Specify the country, city, zip code and exact address with the number of the building and apartment/office. Agree to the User Agreement (tick the box on the left) and click ‘Order and pay’

5. You can pay for the card with bitcoin from your bitcoin wallet or by a bank card.

To pay via a bitcoin wallet, scan the QR-code or copy the link under the QR-code by clicking the ‘COPY’ button and transfer the indicated amount of bitcoins to it. Please note that some wallets charge a commission for transferring funds and you need to check the final amount that will be transferred

6. If you chose to pay by card, enter your card details in the corresponding window or pay via Apple Pay

7. After successful payment, the status in the ‘Orders’ tab (next to the card order) will be changed to ‘Paid’. After that you need to click on the ‘KYC’ green button at the top of the page, and the system will redirect you to the verification form, where you need to enter your personal data in English. Here you need to write the first and last name as well as your passport or ID-card, specify your gender, citizenship and registration address (!). This address does not have to match the address of the card delivery, which we indicated earlier in the first point.

8. Enter the details of your passport or ID-card. ATTENTION! The data in your document must be in English. After that, click ‘SEND FOR VERIFICATION’

9. Ready! Agree to KYC procedure

10. Pass KYC. To do this, you must stand in front of the camera so that your face is clearly visible, and approach until the system recognizes your face and approves the procedure. Please note that no one else should be in picture.

11. If the procedure is successful, you will see the following image:

12. Next, select the document, passport or ID-card, the data from which you used earlier in point 8.

13. After that, the camera will turn on again — take a photo of the document’s spread so that the page with the photo is visible! You do not need to take a photo of the entire spread (two pages of the passport)!

14. Click ‘START’ and take a picture. Make sure that the photo is clear and all data is clearly visible and not blurred

15. Then the system will redirect you to the identification window, and you will have to wait for some time

Upon successful completion of the procedure, the status of your card will be changed to ‘On Delivery’

Congratulations! Very soon you will become the owner of TO THE MOON card! Our manager will contact you within 7 days!

Instructions for connecting a TTM Bank card to Apple Pay

Instructions for issuing a TTM Bank virtual card

TTM Bank card is supported by UAB Walletto under the card distribution program



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