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About six months ago, we decided to re-launch our cards and not just add fashionable features to attract users’ attention, but also update our product with new useful modifications. First of all, we focused on security.

In this article, we will tell you about the innovations that are now available to our users.

First, instead of Hong Kong we will be working with the European Union. While it is a more convenient way for citizens of the Russian Federation and the CIS, it is also considered to be more secure, as Europe has already learned to “make friends” with cryptoassets and has even developed a reliable data protection standard (GDPR), which will help protect your funds from unnecessary risks. Thus, your balance is now securely protected.

Secondly, we have developed a fully secure cryptocurrency wallet for our users, which is part of TTM Bank infrastructure. Thus, our clients will be able to use private keys that are always kept in the system and never leave it. And now the entire cryptocurrency is stored in one place.

Finally, we changed the card design to make it more secure. Until recently, our customers could accidentally compromise their card number or personal data by posting it on their Instagram or other social networks. This was a huge problem, as it affected the interests of both cardholders and the company, but we solved it! The current design has become more concise and simple — we do not use logos and personal data on the front side of the card anymore. Now you can safely share photos and videos of the new card with your friends without worrying about security.

But that’s not it! The card can be used for payments in almost any online services, whether it’s shopping in online stores, ordering food, goods, or taxis, while one-time 3DS codes will completely protect your card from hacking and will make your shopping absolutely safe.

As you can see, we care about our customers and offer them the best we have. Buy TTM cards that have unlimited possibilities. This is your ticket to a new comfortable future, which a few years ago no one could even dream of. And remember, we are all about security!

TTM Bank card is supported by UAB Walletto under the card distribution program



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