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TTM Bank: Before and After

You may already know that TO THE MOON is not just a gaming platform, but a whole system that combines various products. One of our (let’s not be afraid of this word) colossal achievements is the creation of cards that can be used all over the world both for withdrawing cash at an ATM and for shopping in stores, and the card balance can be replenished with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and USDT, and later TRON (TRX).

However, some time ago we made a difficult but very important decision to reissue our cards. You’ve been waiting for this for a long time, and we really appreciate it! Let’s speak about what was before and where we stand right now.

Before and After №1

First, for retail customers, we changed Mastercard for Visa while for corporate customers, we changed the legal scheme that eliminates the risk of blocking the entire platform.

Before and After №2

Secondly, we changed our jurisdiction from Hong Kong to the European Union, because the EU has a very good structure in terms of loyalty to cryptocurrency. In Europe, they have already learned how to handle digital assets and developed certain mechanisms for protecting cash balances. Thus, we will now be guided by effective and reliable European standards (GMP) in order to protect your accounts from unnecessary risks. Finally, EUR is a much more universal currency than the Hong Kong dollar. By the way, this also reduces cross-conversion fees.

Before and After №3

Third, we received a license for cryptocurrency activity, which provides all the necessary transparent legal conditions that allow you to legally exchange cryptocurrency in fiat money and vice versa.

Before and After №4

The biggest advantage is that the cards work as well in sanctioned countries, such as Ukraine and Belarus. This is a very rich and extensive market, which, however, few people enter due to existing restrictions.

Before and After №5

We have been working hard on the product part, namely, we have developed our own SECURE cryptocurrency wallet, which is part of TTM Bank’s infrastructure. The new wallet includes private keys that will never leave your device, as well as secure storage of all cryptocurrency in one place.

Before and After №6

We changed the card design to make it more secure. In the age of technology and social networks, when people are constantly sharing information, in particular, posting photos and videos to tell friends about buying a new stylish card, there is a very high risk of compromising personal data that should remain private. To avoid such problems and protect both customers and the company itself, we made the cards more concise, eliminating logos, as well as specifying the client’s first and last name on the front side.

Before and After №7

We reduced fees! Previously, you were charged 2.5% to top up your card, but now it’s only 1%! (Applause). In addition, the fee for ATM withdrawals was 3.5%, and now … 2%. And another nice bonus: cross-conversion fee is reduced two and a half times — from 3.75% to 1.5%!

Before and After №8

Now you can use the card to make purchases in any online stores (not just on OZON as it was before). In addition, now you have access to any online services, such as food delivery, ordering goods, taxi services, and so on. This feature was created thanks to a one-time 3DS code for secure payments on the Internet.

Before and After №9

KYC verification (Know Your Customer — rules for selecting clients, according to which a potential client must provide a financial institution with a set of documents containing regulated information about their identity) has been simplified. Previously, this process took at least a week, and now — only 2 hours! Mind you that 2 hours is the maximum time required for verification. In fact, at the moment the procedure will take no more than 15 minutes.

Before and After №10

Finally, now we have virtual cards! For just $20, you can order a virtual card, and get rid of plastic. In addition, it is now possible to link the card to a mobile device and connect ApplePay (Android users will have the similar opportunity later).

By the way, previously one user could only purchase two cards, and now you can buy up to five cards! So now you can safely use cards in different projects.

You can purchase the card today! Just go to, sign up, log in to your personal account and welcome to the bank, which will open the way to a new future with unlimited opportunities. Order a card right now and start enjoying all its benefits!

TTM Bank card is supported by UAB Walletto under the card distribution program



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