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UniLend and FIL aim high

Looks like October is coming into its own: time to indulge in autumn melancholy and not get out from under the warm blanket. But for the cryptocurrency market, where emotions run high, it’s not the case. We hope your weekend was as eventful as the events in the world of digital assets.

After listing on the Uniswap exchange, the UniLend token skyrocketed from $0.2 to $3, which is almost 2100%. However, a dizzying rise was followed by a rapid collapse, but those who quickly got a lay of the land managed to earn good money. The trader who first made the transaction purchased UniLend at a price of $0.19 per piece for 50 ETH, and within the next five minutes, he sold the token, earning 95 ETH, or about $17 thousand.

Such a sudden growth and further decline in digital assets is not uncommon in the cryptocurrency market. For example, on September 30, the Polkastarter project token sale took place on Uniswap. Immediately after the opening of trading, the price of the coin increased by 750%.

The FIL token also managed to gain a good height. The reason for this was the news about the launch of Filecoin Di-Fi platform’s main network, which investors have been waiting for for three years. After the publication, the coin strengthened by more than 140%.

In addition, Gemini founder Cameron Winklevoss announced that it is now possible to trade the FIL/USD pair on the exchange. He stressed that this offer is unique, since other exchanges offer FIL trading paired only with USDT, BTC, CNYT and PERP. “The future of data storage has just begun!” wrote Winklevoss on his Twitter.



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