Bloomberg instructor training 20211011

Using BMC to get a grounding in accounting and finance

Last week

This week

  • We have upcoming student workshops in WRDS and Bloomberg, so I need Person A to work on both platforms simultaneously.
  • We have a Bloomberg workshop which I will delivery to Person A, however, we can use the Bloomberg Market Concepts certification course to provide a grounding in various accounting and finance concepts.
  • Establishing this background will aid in learning our workshop, why we teach what we teach, what is the context of it all, to where will it lead.
  • This foundation will also help with WRDS and later Eikon.
  • Since it is self directed and includes assessment throughout, it makes my role easier. I will still apply the same process as with WRDS, where I will set more advanced activities and challenges later, especially when we are joined by more colleagues.

Homework for next time

  • Continue with BMC, complete one of the four modules required for certification.
  • Pick an Feature/Function to describe to me. What does it do, why is it interesting, when would you use it, what else would you like it to do?
  • Continue with homework tasks from last time about WRDS.

Likely content next time

  • Work through the full WRDS UG workshop exercises and solutions.
  • Ask Person A to show me their chosen Bloomberg Feature and describe it to me.




‘Train the trainer’ materials for the Library's specialist financial and business databases at The University of Manchester.

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Phil Reed

Librarian Data Specialist, The University of Manchester. Supporting teaching, learning and research with financial databases, digital skills and scholarship.

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