Datastream instructor training schedule

This schedule is being used for library staff who have participated in our Introduction to Datastream workshop and want to become more confidence with Datastream before delivering the workshop themselves. It will also help them to answer the more straightforward Datastream enquiries.

Sessions so far

Still to come in my syllabus

  • Work with list of companies from other databases (eg Capital IQ (ISIN code), SDC Platinum (DS Code) and CRSP (CUSIP codes), maybe Fame (SEDOL code?) and Bloomberg (ISIN code)
  • Accounting concepts (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss)
  • Exchange rates and currency conversion
  • Historical betas and Fama-French (link to UG3 empirical finance module)
  • (look at Brian’s workbook for more ideas)

Various underlying concepts will be covered across these topics.


  • (Somewhat depend on what happened in the sessions)
  • (Aim to deliver weekly and mark weekly)
  • Environmental score of largest BRICS companies
  • Sector with largest number of employees in Colombia
  • Total profit for the largest banks in Scandinavia (top 5 per country), and GDP for each country, for 2005 to 2014. How can you combine these requests? Advanced: How can you see the relationship between the performance of banks and the country’s wealth?




‘Train the trainer’ materials for the Library's specialist financial and business databases at The University of Manchester.

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Phil Reed

Phil Reed

Librarian Data Specialist, The University of Manchester. Supporting teaching, learning and research with financial databases, digital skills and scholarship.

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