Eikon instructor training 20200623

Run through our published Eikon guides

Before the session

  • All knew what Eikon was, roughly what it covered.
  • All had seen it being demonstrated.
  • All were given an Eikon ID to use during the session.

During the session

We used Microsoft Teams for the four of us, with me sharing my screen, for one hour.

I took our team through the Eikon guides which most had seen before:

We went through the financials and reports posts in detail, then started the M&A post. We discussed the purposes of each post. The team suggested improvements and additions, for example:

  • In the financials lesson, why would you use advanced search, how can you use the result with either the financials or price chart functions? We found that the Price Chart function retains its settings when you select a different company (including dates and additional lines), it changes the first/root company only.
  • There is an option to print the chart to PDF but not export the numbers to Excel (think there used to be).
  • The reports exercises could use a few more details in the step-by-step instructions.

Eikon IDs

We looked at our Eikon ID booking system which is still in development. Need to revisit this when it is ready.


The team was set a challenge:

  • Create a new guide which teaches how to do company screening, for FTSE 250 companies, and get interesting ESG variables, particularly ones which might support an investor’s decision to choose companies which actively challenge systemic racism.
  • Use the M&A guide as an example.
  • A variation of this question has been asked, it will be a popular request for students to screen for companies and search for time series data to export.
  • ESG is an increasingly important topic, particularly at Manchester.
  • We would like to include more Library examples of decolonising the curriculum and support of Black Lives Matter.
  • Perhaps there will be insufficient ESG data, we might need to look at other sources to answer this question. What are those other sources and are they in Eikon?

The team can use Microsoft Teams to collaborate online and answer this challenge. I provided a sketch outline of how to structure the new guide (like a skeleton answer) in a draft Medium post, in case they get stuck.




‘Train the trainer’ materials for the Library's specialist financial and business databases at The University of Manchester.

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Phil Reed

Librarian Data Specialist, The University of Manchester. Supporting teaching, learning and research with financial databases, digital skills and scholarship.

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