Eikon/WRDS instructor training 20200714

Eikon ESG search, booking system, try out the new CRSP/Compustat guide

Review homework

  • Team were tasked to write a new guide on searching for ESG data on companies in Eikon.
  • Draft post is coming on well, they added an intro/overview section too.
  • Still needs to add FTSE 250 filter example, polish, and peer review.
  • We have some other tweaks/additions required for the published Eikon guides.

Look at Eikon booking system

  • Showed the new booking system as it stands, using Resource Booker.
  • Showed the Eikon admin interface, how to change passwords for our standard user accounts.
  • Still waiting on the password delivery part to be completed.

Try the new CRSP/Compustat guide

  • Phil talked quickly through the new CRSP/Compustat via WRDS guide.
  • Covers quite a bit of detail of using these databases and handling text data files used between searches. Should help with a variety of enquiries, bit of a learning curve first.

Homework for next time

  • Finish the Eikon ESG guide
  • Publish and practice the CRSP/Compustat guide

Likely content for next time

  • Using Datastream via Eikon
  • Look at new Capital IQ guide




‘Train the trainer’ materials for the Library's specialist financial and business databases at The University of Manchester.

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Phil Reed

Phil Reed

Librarian Data Specialist, The University of Manchester. Supporting teaching, learning and research with financial databases, digital skills and scholarship.

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