Connecting Industry to Classrooms, Nepris Leads the Way

TU Incubator welcomes Austin-based Nepris into our growing EdTech community

At Towson University (TU), we look for a variety of ways to positively impact education systems. We also demand quality and authenticity with scale merit, as that’s the only way to drive sustainable, systemic improvement. This is something we’ve been doing persistently as an institution for 150 years. And, we are very good at it.

At TU Incubator, we have a sincere, purposeful focus on education technology companies and personalized support of the same. We focus on enterprises that have the potential for regional, national, and international scale, moreover impact. Like our company members, this programmatic focus requires iteration, constant feedback and analysis. We improve because our members improve and relay how and why. The rising boats thesis applies, although that’s a topic for a future post.

We are excited to welcome Austin-based Nepris as a virtual member of TU Incubator. Nepris is a unique, cloud-based platform that synchronously connects educators and industry experts in K-12 and postsecondary schools. Nepris helps boost interest in STEM careers by bringing real world relevance and career exposure to students, where they are. The goal is to help fill the STEM pipeline gap and increase the percentage of high tech jobs filled by US workers (currently ~30%). Consider spending a few minutes watching or listening to the overview video below.

Nepris’s reputation is well earned; the team has received over 18 different awards, including a recent AAP REVERE award win for supplemental social-emotional and character learning resources. On the scale front, Nepris boasts state-wide adoption in Oregon and Louisiana public schools.

Are you a student, teacher, principal, librarian, superintendent, curious professional? Sign up for free here to check out this growing trend of industry and classroom alignment.

Please join us in welcoming Nepris to our ever-growing community of innovative EdTech companies! We look forward to helping them refine and grow, and, ultimately, make an indelible impact in education and career pathways.

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