Equiday — Bringing Simplicity and Transparency to School Finance

TU Incubator welcomes new member company — Equiday

At Towson University (TU), we look for a variety of ways to positively impact education systems. We demand quality and authenticity with scale merit, as that’s the only way to drive sustainable, systemic improvement.

At TU Incubator, we have a sincere, purposeful focus on education technology companies and personalized support of the same. We focus on enterprises that have the potential for regional, national, and international scale, moreover impact.

We are excited to welcome Equiday as a virtual member of TU Incubator. Equiday simplifies school finance with a strategic and data-driven approach.

Equiday’s platform helps K-12 districts better align goals and budgeting and for a more equitable, student-centered resource allocation. Through their cloud-based Allocate Pro application, administrators have the tools they need to overcome the challenges of budget allocation and ensure equity at the student level.

Equiday’s Allocate Pro platform
“The funding model is transformative in how it has helped us define, measure, and subsequently advance equity beyond anything our previous formulae could provide.”
— Kristy Miller, PGCPS

In September, Equiday partnered with the 27,000-student, 74-school Indianapolis Public Schools district to implement a student-driven funding formula. They have also partnered with Maryland’s Prince George’s County Public Schools district with over 130,000 students. We look forward to helping them continue their growth and advance their mission of equity. Join us in welcoming Equiday to TU Incubator!

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