Ortus Academy: Helping Students Build Healthy Relationships with Money

TU Incubator welcomes new member company — Ortus Academy

At Towson University (TU), we look for a variety of ways to positively impact education systems. We demand quality and authenticity with scale merit, as that’s the only way to drive sustainable, systemic improvement. With origins as a Normal School, this is something we’ve been doing consistently for 150 years. And, we are very good at it.

At TU Incubator, we have a sincere, purposeful focus on education technology companies and personalized support of the same. We focus on enterprises that have the potential for regional, national, and international scale, moreover impact. We look for ways to align industry with TU core competency, whether in education, business, the arts, or health.

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We are excited to welcome Maryland-based Ortus Academy as an Associate member of TU Incubator. Ortus offers gamified learning programs for 5th — 12th grade students that fill the financial decision-making gap in education curricula. OA encourages learning through trial and error, fostering an entrepreneurial mindset in their students.

Ortus Academy’s on-site 10-session “Money Club” program delivers hands-on experiences for students to build their confidence in handling money. Each club includes 2 “NumisMatters” sessions; NumisMatters is Ortus Academy’s proprietary money game for children. ​The game simulates 5 years of life and financial decision making, covering: employment, paying bills, managing life events and decisions, the lottery, & banking and investment decisions. Check out the video below for a look at their programs in action:

“I like the probability aspects of it and how your decisions have consequences (good or bad). I think it enforces good choice-making and its a good way to make people enthusiastic about life choices and handling finances.” — student at the Baltimore School for the Arts

Ortus Academy is working on scaling their efforts by developing a tech solution to mimic their in-person programs. We are excited to work with Ortus and help them in their mission: preparing youth for their financial future. Join us in welcoming Ortus Academy to TU Incubator!

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I am Coordinator at TU Incubator, a program of TU Venture Creation, where I help to support Maryland’s largest cluster of EdTech companies.

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