5th Graders in Sandusky (OH) City Schools: Image via Sandusky Register

The Importance of Verbal Acuity

And How Communication APPtitude can help

This month, we added our first new resident member to the Towson University Incubator (d/b/a TU Incubator) since we moved to our new location at 7400 York Road. This is an important community milestone for both the incubator and our new member, Communication APPtitude.

From my own K-12 learning and teaching experiences, I remember well the emphasis on ‘the Three Rs’: Reading, wRiting, and aRithmetic. Candidly, these curricular and life skills emphases have not changed much in several decades, come to think of it, since Johannes Gutenberg’s 14th century innovation — but the ‘HOW’ has changed, indelibly so. The Internet, mobile devices, and the infusion of permeable, dynamic content and aligned data-driven goals are now the norm, not the exception. Combine this with the need for verbal acuity, moreover the ability to read and write, and you have the bedrock of success in life. Take ~90 seconds or so to watch or listen to part of the video embedded below.

Communication APPtitude co-founders Beth Lawrence and Deena Seifert are certified speech therapists who have derived a more facile, more effective way to enhance verbal outcomes. The Company avails web-based, IP-protected, application-driven approaches to literacy and vocabulary instruction that use unique visual and auditory prompts that only a digital medium can provide. There are currently two apps in use with others in development: InferCabulary and WordQuations. Today, these apps are solely available in the Apple store but with near-term plans to be on Android if not become a web platform that is device agnostic.

For me, this is a milestone post, as Communication APPtitude represents a new resident member in a new iteration of TU Incubator, a Baltimore County entrepreneurship hub via a partnership between Towson University and Baltimore County Economic and Workforce Development. We are beginning to congeal a unique edtech ecosystem in Greater Baltimore — and Towson University is a critical ‘node’ in its evolution (yes, think open source javascript). Stay tuned for more news on this front, and please welcome Beth and Deena to our growing community of edupreneurs and wish them luck in helping tens soon hundreds of thousands of future learners.

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