Freaky Friday: ‘Night of the Living Dead’

Welcome to Freaky Friday, our ongoing series that highlights our extensive, awesome horror collection on Tubi TV. Whether you like slasher sequels, moody foreign films, or creepy comedies, we’ve got the movie for your tastes. This week, we’re sharing our love of Night of the Living Dead, the zombie classic that has influenced everything from The Walking Dead to this week’s new release Get Out.

The directorial debut of Key & Peele’s Jordan Peele, the excellent Get Out addresses racial prejudice in a way that isn’t generally done in the genre–or even in studio movies in general. In an NPR interview, Peele shared:

This is the only woke horror movie of all time, save for Night of the Living Dead. … I felt like race has not been dealt with in my favorite genre which is horror. Every other human horror has its sort of classic horror movie to go along with it. So I kind of wanted to fill the gap in that piece of the genre of conversation.

Whether you’re looking to see what inspired Peele to create this acclaimed, terrifying film or you’re merely eager to see one of the most essential films in horror and beyond, Night of the Living Dead is worth your time. It was the feature debut of genre giant George A. Romero, whose fingerprints can be seen on other Living Dead films as well as many other movies. Though it was made on the cheap almost 50 years ago, the film still scares in its story of a struggle to survive when radiation raises the dead.

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