Ghost in the Shell is AWESOME! And You’re Probably Watching it Wrong

Ghost in the Shell (1995) is the groundbreaking animated sci-fi thriller directed by Mamoru Oshii. You may know this already. You may also know that an already-controversial live action remake is set to be released this March, and that the “original” animated film is being released in theaters. But unless you’ve been paying attention to the reddit page dedicated to the beloved film, you might not be tuned in to the controversy surrounding the two versions of the animated film that are out there.

In the wake of the recent announcement that the “original” animated film will itself be shown in theaters to piggyback on the buzz surrounding the Scarlet Johanssen vehicle, many fans are in an uproar about the version that is going to be shown — the remastered version that was released in 2008, titled Ghost in the Shell 2.0. Many claim it’s an odd and inferior version of the classic masterpiece, while others say it used newly available technology to improve on Oshii’s breathtaking visual accomplishment. So which version is really better, Ghost in the Shell Or Ghost in the Shell 2.0? Watch for yourself and decide.

Disclaimer: While astonishingly awesome, these films do feature content of an adult nature. Viewer discretion is advised.

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