We’ll Miss You, Bill Paxton

On Sunday it was announced that Bill Paxton has died of post-surgery complications at the age of 61. In a last-minute but emotional tribute during the 2017 Academy Awards last night, Hollywood remembered the priceless contributions that the beloved actor has made to filmmaking. Over the course of his career, Paxton stacked up nearly 100 acting credits, working his way up from bit parts in the ’70s to starring roles in iconic films like Alien and Apollo 13, as well as more recent movies like Edge of Tomorrow and Red Wing.

Paxton as Fred Haise in Apollo 13 (1995)

Since his passing was announced, Paxton has received touching messages from celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Arnold Schwarzenegger as a brilliant actor and all-around good guy, but for us nerds here at Tubi, what we loved most about Paxton was his knack for picking roles in larger-than-life stories that stirred the imagination, like the zany Weird Science or the wild cult sci-fi film Slipstream. (Even weather nerds are honoring Paxton for inspiring them in his turn in the movie Twister.) We’ll miss you, Bill Paxton. The world of movies just won’t be the same without you.

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