Business and Software Design for Apo Ideas, LLC

Design challenge: Develop software for monitoring and analyzing blockchain data.

Tools used: Software development and data science (Julia, R), business planning, project management, graphic design (Adobe)

Apoideas is the taxonomic family of bees and wasps.

In 2016, I discovered blockchain technology upon “rediscovering” the internet after a year living on a farm in rural France. Innovative technology has always attracted me, and I dove straight in, eventually learning computer/data science and starting a company in 2017. Me and my small group of wonderful teammates have been focusing on building data analysis tools for Bitcoin and Ethereum, pitching our software to auditing firms and banks. We have also built fintech tools under the banner of a lean hedge fund.

Running a startup requires design thinking at every step of the way, evolving rapidly while maintaining sufficient organizational stasis so as to keep things moving in one piece, especially in a space as dynamic and fast-moving as blockchain. I have loved the challenge and the teamwork. There is design in coming up with a brand identity — we chose a eusocial insect theme, for passion and relevance (blockchain is decentralized just as an ant or bee colony). There is design in writing efficient, creative software. There is design in establishing effective communication channels and collaboration systems (e.g. Microsoft and Google suites, github, bitbucket).