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Johann Tanzer
Dec 23, 2019 · 2 min read

We would like to announce the release of the Tplus CLI tool, previous versions of Tplus allowed you to create tezos nodes and sandboxes for development via a custom Web interface, as well as a browser-based IDE, but with the new CLI tool, you can manage your Tplus installation via the command line or within your existing IDE.

The cli-command tp can connect to multiple tplus-server instances, local or remote ( via HTTP endpoints ) so you can develop on your machine, or share environments with your colleagues.

After configuring the tplus-server instance, you can create new nodes and sandboxes:

To help you with smart contract development, tpcan give you a shell on the tplus-server instance ( local or remote) preconfigured with the tezos-client, ligo, smartpy and other useful tools and commands:

Within this shell all your local files are available and any changes get synced in the background, this allows you to easily switch between different (test-) networks.

The tp command is not meant to work alone, but in tandem with tplus-server wich also comes with a Web interface where you can inspect the changes by providing you with

  • a conseil API
  • the tezblock block explorer
  • the better-call-dev smart contract Explorer

To show give you an idea, here is the Block we just baked in the gif(s) above as seen in tezblock:

We wish to make development on tezos as easy as possible and hope this will help (future) developers like you!

For more information see our Documentation under or join us in our Telegram Group:


Development for Tezos.

Johann Tanzer

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Development for Tezos.

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