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The Best Spanish Podcasts for Kids

Do you speak Spanish or are you learning? Spanish language podcasts for kids are an amazing way to increase your listening skills and comprehension — whether you’re a kid or adult! That’s why we’ve done the work for you and made a list of the best Spanish language podcasts for kids.

My search for Spanish kids’ podcasts began while raising a bilingual kid in Spain. I already knew that podcasts are a great alternative to screen time for kids. You can listen to them anywhere, while you’re driving or while kids do another activity like draw or play. (If you’re interested, I’ve made a few lists of the best English podcasts for kids, here and here.) It was later that I realized the language benefit of podcasts.

Maybe you are already watching TV shows in Spanish for language exposure. Podcasts are an even better tool, because there are no visuals to distract from listening to the language. As opposed to audiobooks, kids’ podcasts are full of natural language. Kids can hear different accents, local phrases, and new vocabulary — and recognize the diversity of language across the Spanish-speaking world.

So let’s get to the list!

Tumble En Español — Have you ever wondered why cheetahs are so fast? Or what would happen if the moon disappeared? Discover the stories behind the science, with co-hosts Nuria and Alvaro.

Tumble en Español is the first ever Spanish adaptation of an English language kids podcasts. Try listening to episodes in English and then Spanish, to help with comprehension! Nuria and Alvaro add their own humor and references as well, giving it a Latinx spin. (Full disclosure: I work on this show!)

Cuentos Increíbles — Original stories for kids of all ages! Each episode is a brand new story in a world where anything is possible. With short stories ranging from 7 to 12 minutes, you can listen in the car or before bed. Each episode has new characters, so you’ll never get bored.

Brains On en Español — Another science podcast adaptation, this time from Brains On! There’s six episodes in the series to choose from, covering everything from emotions to bugs to dreams. Again, try listening first in English and then in Spanish for improved comprehension.

Curiosidades de la Historia— This podcast from National Geographic & Podimo isn’t explicitly for kids, but we think older kids will enjoy it! It covers ancient history from Rome, Egypt and Greece, up to more recent historical characters like Mozart and Cervantes.

La Lupa Sónica — A science podcast from Spain! A super cute friend duo named Maite and Xaviera ask questions and find answers to common science questions like “Why do we sleep?” and “How were vaccines discovered?” The sound design gives it a very fun vibe of curiosity and discovery!

Contemos Historias — This podcast focuses on the history of science, and features biographies of famous scientists. Often the show features multi-episode series, like those about Newton, the history of elements, and two female scientists and friends.

Cuento Aventuras — This storytelling podcast combines stories and fables, with a lot of jokes! It’s like sitting down to a storytime.

Radio Ambulante para niños — Radio Ambulante is one of the most well-known Spanish language podcasts for adults. They’ve picked out selected stories for kids! This is a playlist rather than a podcast, so it might not technically count, but it’s a good place to find listening material to dig into Radio Ambulante’s more kid-friendly stories.

Cometa Colin — Cometa Colin is on its third season of exploring science for niños curiosos! It features a talking comet/alien named Colin, along with kids’ voices. Each episode answers fascinating questions, so there’s plenty to explore across almost thirty episodes.

Ídolos — This podcast from Spain explores the biographies of famous musicians like Bob Dylan, BB King, and Madonna. Each episode is like a narrated play, with voices for each of the characters, and features the music of the artists. The show just finished up its second season of eight episodes.

Eat Your Spanish — Eat Your Spanish is the podcast for kids learning Spanish, on their way to the fully Spanish podcasts above! Evan and Vanessa combine Spanish vocabulary with sweet songs, stories, and interactive games. It’s a great way to listen and learn.

There you have it! Ten great Spanish podcasts for kids, and a bonus for learning Spanish. Escucha ahora!

Are you looking for a topic or type of podcast that’s missing from this list? Let us know in the comments below, and we’ll see if we can find one for you!



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Lindsay Patterson

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