Avic Ndugu
Sep 14, 2018 · 3 min read

First, let me introduce myself. I am Avic Ndugu. I am a frontend developer in the making and an aspiring full-stack web developer. I am currently majoring in making web apps and websites. I have worked on 2 WordPress websites and built 5 HTML and CSS projects. If you did not spot me in the picture, I’m the guy sitting on the right.

In 2016 and 2017, I had been engaging kids in practical engineering and coding lab sessions. I had been teaching kids to code using Scratch, a program that helps young people learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively by programming using simple codes and the MIT App Inventor. I enjoyed finding cool projects, trying them out, and helping kids try them out by themselves.

It was at that particular time that I figured out I could learn about making websites and software applications. And later on, earn a healthy income. I was hooked. I dipped my toes in learning how to make websites using HTML and CSS during my spare time. I decided to find a school where I would learn those skills.

Fast forward, I learnt how to make WordPress websites through Tunapanda Institute’s basic trainee programme. We worked on various projects individually and in a team set up. One of the websites I worked on was a website on robotics (an interesting topic I can assure you).

I am currently studying Javascript. I am planning to have completed some web apps and working on a couple of websites (I already have two projects in mind). I am also looking forward to gaining other skills that can complement my career as a web developer. These skills will help me package my skills as a product that can solve some of the challenges of the world.

I am interested in preparing educational content that is relevant to the local community, especially in finance. Knowledge of saving is currently tailored for people who earn a monthly income. Information based on the daily or weekly income earner would be of great help to those who actually need it. I have seen how hardworking they are, and they earn a livable amount especially in the construction industry. Yet this money barely helps them. I am hoping to create a platform where they can learn and practice saving as a way of achieving their financial freedom. [financial literacy. That sounds great!]

Another challenge I am interested in involves creating visibility of organisations and businesses online. I have seen the impact of online visibility on the number of clients a business can get. I am hoping to help organisations have more impact by improving their web visibility.

Unemployment of youth is a challenge that I am interested in tackling. I have seen the first-hand effect of youth not being meaningfully engaged. I mainly believe that it’s the skills gap between the workplace expectation and the actual learning in college or campus.

I will be sharing some of what I am learning on Medium. I’m hoping that my posts will help others find useful information and stay motivated while learning to be web developers.

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Avic Ndugu

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Web developer, graphic designer and tech enthusiast. I also enjoy reading & writing informative articles. Contributor of tunapanda.org medium publication.

Tunapanda Institute

The latest in education, technology, design, business, and culture

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