Bridging digital divides through the provision of digital fluency skills — Via Wikonnect.

Learn new skills, create, and teach.

Wikonnect is an open-source e-learning platform that is designed to allow people to learn, create educational content, and contribute to building the platform. Over the past 2 years, Tunapanda Institute and Learning Lions have been involved as implementing partners, creating initial high-quality content for the platform.

Find out what Tunapanda Institute has been up to as far as the project is concerned this year.

Wikonnect community training and development

In 2019 and 2020, we held 73 sessions with a total of 1525 participants. The sessions were in the following categories:

  • Training of trainers
  • Training of communities in online content creation using H5P
  • Training of selected participants in high skill content creation
  • Hackathon competitions in online content creation for skilled participants
  • Community hackathons for low-skilled participants in online content creation
  • Software hackathon training

This year thus far, we’ve already conducted virtual community content creation workshops. The workshops were conducted via Zoom by our experienced team members and a handful of former graduates. The content created touched on a couple of emergent issues such as the COVID-19 restrictive measures and data privacy. Other content created include:

  • Digital investments and buying stocks online
  • How to monetize photography and videography skills
  • Social media marketing
  • Gender equity in training activities, among others

The courses are currently being uploaded on the Wikonnect platform for public consumption.

In 2021 so far, we have held 78 sessions with a total of 1110 participants.

Virtual software development workshops

In addition to the content creation pieces of training, we also conducted virtual software development pieces of training to wanna-be and junior software developers. A total of 150 learners attended the sessions. The pieces of training were centred around EmberJS, an open-source Javascript framework for one-pager web applications. As part of this, some of our learners virtually attended the annual global Ember Conference.

Project management apprenticeships

As part of the guidelines of the Wikonnect project, our team members got the opportunities to learn project management skills from experienced professionals and project managers such as Daphne Kabeberi and Mortinno Morton.

Learners at Tunapanda Institute during a film-making apprenticeship session. The learners were taken through the pre-production, production, and post-production stages of the film-making process. They are using the skills to create content for the Wikonnect platform.

The project management apprenticeships were in the fields of film making, digital publicity, and online content creation. A total of 8 members are apprenticing as junior project managers.



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