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Pictured: The Original TUNG Brush loaded with TUNG Gel

We make and sell the Original TUNG Brush and TUNG Gel — the world’s most effective tongue cleaning system.

The Original TUNG Brush

An assortment of TUNG Brush designs (colors vary)
TUNG Brush (right) pictured next to a typical toothbrush

Designed specifically for the tongue, the TUNG Brush features an ergonomic handle that enables you to clean your tongue — even the back of your tongue, where the worst part of the odor problem is located!

With its wide head, you’ll gain superior coverage, which means you’re able to clean your tongue with fewer strokes.

Plus… its shorter bristles allows you to reach further back and brush without triggering the gag reflex.


TUNG Gel: 3oz. tube

The TUNG Gel is a specially formulated, great-tasting substance that is designed for one purpose: cleaning your tongue.


  • is highly water-soluble, which means it rinses away clean — from your tongue and from your TUNG Brush
  • contains Zinc, which studies show fights bacteria
  • has a minty fresh taste, which leaves your tongue feeling tingly and your breath smelling clean
  • contains none of the tongue irritants commonly found in toothpaste, such as fluoride and the harsh chemicals intended to whiten teeth and control tartar

Where Are Our Products Sold?

We feature the TUNG Brush & TUNG Gel in a variety of combinations on our online store, which sells exclusively to customers in the US.

Additionally, the full array of options is available to US customers via Amazon.

An assortment of retailers throughout the US carry our products. The most recent information, including a store locator, is available on the Where to Buy page on our website.

Outside the USA

TUNG Brush & TUNG Gel are distributed in a variety of countries, and the list is growing all the time. Here is a selection of links to some of our international distributors. For the latest information, please contact us.