The History of Tongue Cleansing

Although we created the first commercially-available tongue brush in the 1990s, we certainly didn’t invent the tongue cleaner.

In fact, the practice of tongue cleansing has existed since ancient times, with some of the earliest known practitioners in ancient China and India. Ayurvedic medicine, which originated in India more than 3,000 years ago, includes a daily tongue cleaning regimen.

So what did they use in ancient times to clean the tongue? Scrapers.

Yes… tongue scrapers have been found in ancient archaeological digs. Strange to think that there were no significant technological advances in tongue cleansing until the 1990s, isn’t it?

Why Not Use a Tongue Scraper?

“Scrapers are for windshields.”

When you think about it, “scraping” makes a lot of sense when you’re removing substances from smooth surfaces.

Artist’s rendering of biofilm on the surface of the tongue

Unfortunately, the surface of the tongue is anything but smooth. Seen with a microscope, the tongue is full of crevices, nooks and crannies that make great hiding places for the “biofilm” colonies of bacteria.

Scraping can remove some of this, but not nearly as much as brushing.

“Love it!! … I wish I knew about this earlier.. I was wasting
my time making my tongue bleed scraping with other products. Cant believe how efficient it is.” — Rocco, NJ

…not to mention that scraping is quite uncomfortable compared to brushing!