New Tunnyl Features and Updates for February 2018

New Features

  • 50–50 User-Oriented Development. Implemented an iterative design methodology. We design and develop features and updates based on feedback by users. Half of what we ship will be user-requested features or changes. As we progress through Alpha and collect more input from our users, we expect to develop even more in line with user feedback.
  • Global Tasks. Users can now create and apply for global Tasks that do not require a physical presence. User requested.
  • New Compensation component. A new, streamlined way to define how much you will pay for each Task. Please note: Favors are not fully implemented.
  • Hide Compensation. Task creators can now hide the compensation from public view. User requested feature.
  • New Profile page. A fresh look for the profile page.
  • New Payments page. A fresh look for the payments page with an FAQ and added information about our payment provider, Stripe.


  • Upgraded to Laravel 5.6.
  • Implemented Codeship for CDCI
  • Corrected Facebook login
  • We’ve limited the number of Tasks users can create each month to avoid spam. We will continue to modify this number and find ways to increase the cap for members in good standing.
  • Added several new Skills and Things based on user feedback.
  • Improved Task creation validation.
  • New icon set for our Skills.