TurboPlay Releases Stellar Elixir Blockchain SDK

Vince McMullin
Aug 9, 2019 · 2 min read

In a milestone achievement, TurboPlay solves a longstanding problem and is the first to provide a viable solution for signing transactions on the Stellar network directly through Elixir, in order to create a globally scalable network.

Global News Photo of TurboPlay’s Videogames Marketplace Live

TurboPlay, the world’s first personalized video games marketplace, is thrilled to announce a significant breakthrough for the Stellar & Elixir communities. After extensive R&D with our eCommerce partner Jibe, TurboPlay has confirmed the ability to provide Stellar transaction signing with XDR support directly from Elixir, a problem that until today had no viable solution. Thanks Stellar for acknowledging us as Application of the Week!

TLDR; https://github.com/turbo-play/elixir-stellar-sdk

TurboPlay’s SDK includes an XDR generator (RFC 4506), and will be kept fully open-source under the MIT License. We are pleased to provide this technology as our contribution to the Stellar & Elixir communities. We hope the original maintainers of the Elixir Stellar Client will accept our changes upstream.

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When combined, Stellar + Elixir have the ability to provide efficient scaling to global masses. Stellar is a powerful, cost-efficient blockchain that has proven to be capable of processing transactions 100,000 times faster than the competition. On current hardware, Stellar’s capabilities surpass 4,000 transactions/second and has confirmation times that sit between 3–5 seconds on average. This is in comparison to Bitcoin’s 3.3–7 tx/s @ 1 hour, Ethereum’s 15 tx/s @15 minutes, and VISA’s 1,736 tx/s at current volumes (VISA’s total actual capacity is 24,000 tx/s). Barclays recently suggested Stellar may be capable of surpassing 10,000 tx/s based on their tests with Deloitte, which equates to a staggering 36 million transactions an hour. You can read more about Stellar’s transactions/second here.

BlockEQ, before being acquired by Coinsquare, posted a great article titled “Why We Chose Stellar” to which explains Stellar’s transaction efficiencies, accessibility, and decentralization.

The Erlang VM powered functional language, Elixir, is the perfect solution for highly concurrent, real-time systems communication that an application such as TurboPlay’s Marketplace demands. Elixir is the top communication technology in the world and runs the majority of today’s global communications (e.g. Discord, Pinterest, Whatsapp) and cellular networks. This future proof system scales easily to 10s of millions of users with millions of events per second — out of the box.

TurboPlay is led by a world-class development team with a proven track record of delivering superior technologies. This breakthrough is necessary in developing enterprise grade, highly scalable, fully fault-tolerant technology that has application in many industries such as fintech, ecommerce, supply chain management & of course, video games.

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