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TurboWallet Now Supports ETH and ERC-20 Tokens on Ethereum

We know you all love GO and GO-20 tokens, but we also know that you love ETH (and probably own some) and maybe you have some ERC-20 tokens you want to send around easily. And of course you know that TurboWallet is the easiest way to send your cryptocurrency and tokens so it makes sense to support a bunch of them.

It’s as easy as sending GO (although quite a bit slower and more expensive), just type /send X ETH to @USERNAME.

Does it get any easier than that??? Nope. :)

You can also send ERC-20 tokens and to show that we added Binance’s BNB token to start (why BNB? because it’s the most popular ERC-20 token right now). Send it with:

/send X BNB to @USERNAME

To get your deposit address, type /deposit ETH or /deposit TOKEN.

Join our Telegram group to learn more and get started!


Lastly, if you’d like your ERC-20 or GO-20 token added to TurboWallet, please contact us.



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