Introducing the Module Repeat Fund!

We know that Turing is an incredible commitment of time and resources in pursuit of a new career. Students go through a demanding four modules over seven months to come out the other side a junior developer. For a variety of reasons, students often find they would be better served to repeat a module to really cement their learning. Adding another six weeks on to the program can add further financial strain — even as it can increase your likelihood of success following Turing.

Students presenting their hard work

We don’t want financial hardship to be a barrier to anyone achieving their goals, so we are excited to announce the Module Repeat Fund. This fund is accessible to students who are entering module four after having repeated previously in their Turing career. It is designed to provide assistance with living expenses.

What’s particularly special about the Module Repeat Fund is that it was started by alumni who wanted to help current students. In the words of Dale Hendrickson, a 1608 alum, “Failure is a great teacher and this, hopefully, makes failure a bit safer. Economic pressures can distract from learning by pulling attention away from the strategic to the acute. Knowing there is the possibility of help might bring attention back.”

The heart shown by our alumni never ceases to amaze us. They saw a potential pain point for students and came up with a solution. If you’d like to contribute to the Module Repeat Fund, you can contact Turing via for options.

If you are a current Turing student who qualifies for the fund and would like more information, contact Joanne Liu or Rachel Martinez at or

If you’d like to learn more about Turing or hire one of our awesome alumni, email