Scaling AI: What It Really Means? Vol.2 Speed (Infographic)

Scaling AI means 4S: Scale, Speed, Scope and Sustainability.

This week, we spotlight on Vol.2 SPEED.

Scaling AI requires organisations to build, run and adapt AI at speed.

With EvoML, businesses can:

  1. Automatically build hundreds of models in parallel, in hours or days
  2. Optimise models to run faster with our #CodeOptimisation feature
  3. Quickly adapt to the evolving AI infrastructure, without pivoting previous effort

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About TurinTech:

TurinTech is a leader in Evolutionary AI Optimisation. We are a research-driven deep tech company founded in 2018 based in London.

We envision an intelligent and efficient business world powered by scalable AI. We automate multi-objective optimisation to help businesses scale AI efficiently: build AI quicker, run AI faster, deploy AI greener.

TurinTech builds upon over 10 years’ research in optimisation. We are professors, data scientists and engineers from prestigious universities across the globe who are actively collaborating with world-leading academic institutions to create breakthroughs.

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Scaling AI Efficiently with Multi-objective Optimisation-Build AI Quicker. Run AI Faster. Deploy AI Greener.

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