Griffin DéWarrior
Jun 28, 2019 · 2 min read
Photo by Polina DéWarrior

Made a confession

A footnote on a list of my obsessions

One past wrong move

Triggering a world recession

I have the power

Cultivated with every hour

With every breath

I sprout and bloom another flower

I channel magic

I shed my head of all that’s tragic

No lost awareness

In the darkness of abandoned logic

No time to question

Not even for the last suggestion

The time to ponder passed

I’m ready for the resurrection

Co-created by Polina DéWarrior and Peter Rodrick

We built a fire

Cultivated by our desire

A spreading passion flame

Engulfing every soul that we admire

We pierced our skin

Left behind our closest kin

To seek our Truth

And find a way for all to win

But games aside

We’ve traveled here from space and time

To take our throne

And bring it to the finish line

To close it down

No competition left in town

Connect the youth to Source

Uplifting their collective frown

Co-created by Polina DéWarrior and Peter Rodrick

TYLO Turn Your Light On

(W)holistic perspectives for a waking world.

Griffin DéWarrior

Written by

Deliverer of Truth and Rhymes. Follow my journey @ dewarrior.com. Connect: griffy@dewarrior.com

TYLO Turn Your Light On

(W)holistic perspectives for a waking world. Our nomads hash on the future of Tech, Health, Media, Business, and the Arts. Presented through a prism of sustainable indigenous solutions. Co-create with us — submit your original stories, photos, and art to griffy@dewarrior.com.

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