Telling Your Friends They’re Killing Their Kids

Social Media and the age of accountability

Leo DéWarrior
Jun 20, 2019 · 7 min read
Photo by Polina DéWarrior

No one should feel bad reading this. It’s a known fact that all parents fuck up their children. You just happen to be the first generation doing it on high definition photos and videos — your parenting choices live-streamed for the whole world to see.

Social media and the age of information more broadly, have put everyone’s life in a petri dish. Transforming the nature of relationships. Changing the way we relate and socialize with the outside world.

Instagram and Facebook have become the new high school cafeterias. Every human being seemingly vying for an invitation to as many tables as possible. Holding their tray of masked vulnerability and filling it up with favorable selfie angles and duck-face.

The yearning to be liked, followed, and supported is a notoriously relentless and destructive mentality cultivated in the world of social media. A flourishing addiction to validation under the guise of connection. You are balls or breasts-deep in a temporary phase of social-media-mania that is fraught with undesirable consequences.

With limited popularity magnets at our disposal, we are conditioned to use what we have to get what we want.

Kids are, of course, an easy choice. They’re cuter than you, say and do hilarious shit, and you can make them exude love on camera by feeding them poisons.

Most of us enjoy some part of your show, but this unobstructed view of your chaotic, unhealthy petri dish is the real catalyst for my no-bullshit assessment of your willful ignorance. As long as one’s lifestyle doesn’t impede on the lives of others, I am 100% live and let live. Keep the footage rolling! But when you’re killing your kids on camera, libertarian sensibilities falter.

In 2019 the culture of self-destruction my generation grew up with no longer holds weight. Fighting for low hanging likes to remain relevant at the expense of your kid’s health? Pretty pathetic. Your children are all Gen Z’ers. Born after 1995, exposed from the beginning of their lives to the internet, and already able to triangulate data faster than any previous generation.

The “do as I say, not as I do” routine no longer works. There is a disconnect between this new generation and the normalized methods of child rearing developed in a previous, darker age. So why continue to tempt the youth with your own conditioned idiocy?

Offering your child a shot or drink on your Insta or Facebook video feed, as cute as it is to watch them refuse, puts the conditioning you’re implementing on full display. Everything we know about addiction points to habits and triggers. Exposing your child to alcohol routinely and directly for all to see, is child abuse.

If something is poison, the rule of moderation cannot apply.

Moderation is often not your friend. Since anything non-binary is open to human interpretation, your definition of moderation will bend and warp. If ice cream is fair game for a two-year-old once a month, moderation can say it will be just as fair game once a week.

If we don’t accept moderation in our lives when it comes to cocaine and heroin, why do we allow it in with processed sugars, saturated animal fats, and chemically processed food? Both groups of poisons will kill you before your natural end with high certainty!

Statistically, sugar and processed food will kill more of you. And faster.

My argument, therefore, rests in observed facts and peer-reviewed scientific studies. And common sense. Like, we all know that sugar is more addictive than cocaine and nicotine. And its consumption leads to diabetes and vascular deterioration. Yet, I see an ice cream cone, a pie, or a cookie shoved into your delighted toddler’s face every other day. With commentary and support from your whole extended family. Madness.

Likewise, if a ten-year-old needed lactic secretions to grow big and strong, mom would still be available for a suckle at lunch, or at halftime at the game! But in 2019, there is simply too much knowledge out there to put your grown kid in the same frame as a tall glass of dairy milk.

Photo by Polina DéWarrior

Don’t ever allow cultural biases and accepted routines to stand in the way of truth.

Parents! If these are your infractions, you may be pushing for cheap likes but planting time bombs of latent disease and addiction in your kids.

It may seem everyone is winning. Happy, albeit wired, child. Chocolate face. You’re rolling in the likes. Their sugar-zapped brain further lubricated with hormone-altering lactations, and difficult to digest A1 beta casein. Lactations designed to get a newborn bull from zero to 800 pounds in one year. But enjoyed daily by an 80 pound human with a healthy full-grown weight of fewer than 200 pounds.

This is quite a dietary mess for any adult to digest and integrate into their neural pathways. A child whose liver, intestines, and brain are still developing… well, you get the point.

Over one-third of Americans are either diabetic or pre-diabetic. Likewise, close to half of Americans qualify as either obese or overweight. This is not some attempt to fat shame, but rather a last-ditch effort to ring some bells and save some lives. Whether you care about your appearance or not is irrelevant. Your imperative rests solely on whether your lifestyle choices put you and your family at risk.

Children learn mainly through observation. Forming chains of habits in their brains that connect triggers and rewards. Deep-seated habits and patterns that start bearing their fruit later on.

Your child seeing you drink regularly creates a pattern of model behavior. Over time, the child will associate the parent’s triggers and rewards. Connecting the dots. Knowing that the secret to going from mopey to laughy is to get boozy! Ask yourself,

“Is that the mental imprint you want your baby growing up with?”


“How has drinking served you, personally?”

Again I ask, why continue to tempt the youth with your own conditioned idiocy?

The only thing I can think of is you don’t know any better. Fair enough. You may have been raised the same way and don’t see the immediate risks of diabetes, heart disease, and mental health correlated to your habits. Thankfully you have caring friends who have poured over hundreds of studies and tens of books to offer Cliff-noted solutions!

So keep your kids off the white sugar, dairy, and McDonald’s to start. At least on camera! No child wants to see themselves immortalized being poisoned by Big Food from the hands of their loving parents. That Thanksgiving conversation in twenty years will not be pleasant.

And then? I’m happy you asked. The China Study and Eastern Body Western Mind are mandatory reading. The former is the most comprehensive study on nutrition ever conducted. The latter discusses the stages of energetic development in humans — and how that development can be influenced. The combination of the two provides a solid foundation on do’s and don’t of raising, guiding, and sustaining human life.

In this age of information, the lines between our indulgences and illicit behaviors are thin. Alcohol, sugar, and dairy are increasingly closer to cocaine and heroin on society’s accepted usefulness scale. Thus it’s about time we all take a more stringent approach to what type of content we put out into the digital world. If you don’t want your kids seeing you sniff lines off a mirror, or boil smack in a spoon — maybe lay off the cocktails, cakes, and milkshakes as well.

If you need another reason, think of the skyrocketing healthcare costs in the United States. The obesity epidemic creates over $200 billion of extra healthcare spending, with those afflicted spending over 40% more on healthcare than their trimmer peers. We will all share the burden of a progressively fattening and deteriorating population if the habits don’t change. Spare your friends from paying for you and your children by taking steps to reverse the trend now.

Photo by Polina DéWarrior

On a more personal note…

I am not a parent. My experience in parenting is limited to caring for a 7-year-old Russian Siberian cat. And even there, really playing the role of the passive parent. The hug and squeeze sort without the full vom ’n’ shit duties.

I did, however, spend four years coaching elite and not-so-elite ice hockey players. Observing hundreds of children and their parents in that time. Some of those kids later became exceptional collegiate and NHL athletes — they, of course, were not as mangled by their parents as the others!

As with most hard truths, reactions can be volatile, and it is my hope that any friends reading this understand my sometimes less-than-gentle words are indeed meant to shake-awake. The only way we can offer support to those that appear misguided is through knowledge. And always living an example worthy of emulation.

I believe we are all one. It is our duty to lend a hand. To lift each other up and raise children in the global village that is our community. That is the true, full meaning of sustainability. If we fail to raise our voices to decry destructive patterns and behaviors, we become complicit in their proliferation.

Leo DéWarrior

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