DA’s Barnhill and Johnson must resign — now.

The two district attorneys, Barnhill and Johnson — played a significant role in the national and evolving story of two men who gunned down an innocent jogger in broad daylight. We learn today that there is now a hate crime investigation underway, specifically pointing to the roles that these two District Attorneys played in this evolving debacle.

In the photograph above, you see an unarmed man being approached by someone holding a shotgun. The man will soon lift the shotgun up, and a struggle will follow. This is the last moment of a man who simply went out for a run, his life ended by two others.

Let us set aside the question of whether or not hate crime was committed: we state here the two district attorneys — Barnhill and Johnson failed to execute their job in a responsive fashion, and they continue to be unable to justify their action — even in the light of a now expanding investigation that stands to bring civil and criminal charges against those involved. They must resign. The spectre of a hate crime investigation hanging over their office now clouds the effectiveness of these two DA’s and calls into question their ability to handle responsibilities of their office. Seriously — who would or could take a District Attorney who is under investigation for the execution of a hate crime?

My call is a practical one — the work of the office of the District Attorney must proceed as the case of A. Arbery continues to evolve and the truth is discovered. DA’s Barnhill and Johnson must resign, effective immediately. And we must remember, all are innocent until proven guilty. One of the strangest elements of the Arbery story is that there is odd silence coming from the DA’s office as to why the crimes that were committed against this innocent man — were not prosecuted. Let us allow the Department of Justice to proceed upon their investigation, without our first responders, and the Glynn District Attorney’s Office being mired down.

I do not allege innocent, or guilt — merely the effective function of our government. It is for this simple reason, we here demand the immediate resignation of DA’s Barnhill and Johnson.



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Turner Rentz, III

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