3 Ways to Increase Your Productivity at Work

Eliminate any distractions.

There are few key characteristics in a workplace that are proven to improve productivity. According to studies, physical environment is the most crucial factor in productivity of an employee.

1. Lighting: Brightness will make you feel better — yes, it’s that simple. If you have the chance, make sure your office has good natural lighting. According to a research by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, natural light increases energy, creativity and productivity.

2. Temperature: You may not able to change the temperature in the office, but you may control your body temperature for sure. Being cold or hot will affect your working conditions. Keep a sweater in your drawer for chilly days and a little fan for hot days.

3. Scent: Scent is our strongest sense, so why not use it to increase productivity? Not everyone in the office will like this idea, but you can try using some certain scents like citrus, peppermint, lavender in the workplace to keep you awake, focused and relaxed.

4. Noise level: Sometimes the noise level around you might make it harder for you to work, since it affects your focus and stress level. Put on your headphones and start listening to your favorite playlist on Spotify. It will help you isolate yourself, hence boosting your productivity.

5. Healthy snacks: When you concentrate for a while, you may feel hungry. It’s helpful to keep some nuts, dry fruits, yogurts etc. ready, just in case you need to feed yourself suddenly!

6. Clutter: Keep it tidy because mess will distract you. No excuses on this!

Make your workspace your own.

Yes, the office you work in doesn’t belong to you. And sorry to break the sad news, but, no, you can’t decorate an office space that’s rent is not paid by you. We know it’s frustrating to work when your surroundings are not pleasing to the eye, because you get distracted every 30 minutes and would love to see a beautiful view, a cool picture of Amalfi Coast or a picture of your loved one rather than a black stapler on your right and some documents in yellow files on your left. So, go ahead and put your desk some stuff that reflects who you are, where you come from and what you enjoy seeing. Get a pencil box with your favorite color, print out your most cherished photos from your Instagram with TurnGram and hang them somewhere you can see when you are tired of writing reports and lift your head up for a second from the computer screen. Bring little toys that reminds you the home warmth and put them on your desk, get a cute notebook that says something inspiring on it, find one of those trash cans that you don’t even want to throw any trash in because it’s so beautiful.

At the end of the day, you are the one who is spending time on that desk and it would be lovely to see things around that lifts your mood. When your mood is better, your productivity will increase. So, keep yourself happy and relaxed all the time if you don’t want to work like it’s Monday every day.

When you lose your focus, change your workplace if you can.

Nowadays, many offices have meeting rooms, lobbies, eating spaces, kitchens etc. If you feel like your productivity level decreases and you are losing your focus after a while, it is better to change locations, if possible. Exposing yourself to a new environment might help you restore your mind and your focus. Also, if you have the chance to work remotely, try working at coffee shops. Its scientifically proven that the white noise at coffee shops help you increase your creativity and productivity. A study shows that as opposed to working from open office spaces, coffee shops provide you with the optimum noise level that helps you focus more, and you might be surprised at the result.

What tips and tricks do you use for increasing your productivity at work? Let us know in the comments below!

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