4 Artsy Gift Ideas for the Holidays

by johnbam_

Looking for original gifts for this holiday season? Check out these 4 gift ideas that will surprise your friends and family, surround their living spaces with beauties that will remind them of you and some loving memories.

1. Vinyl Records

Records would be perfect gifts for collectors and for anyone who loves music. Instead of creating digital mix tapes and sending links to your friends and family; get to the nearest record store in your city, browse through the rock, classical, and jazz record sections and choose one. If you can get them a rare LP from one of their favorite musicians, they will love you forever. If they are into vintage classical records, there are plenty of record shops in Europe that will deliver records to your door as well.

2. Vintage Porcelain Tea / Coffee Cups

This one is for coffee (or tea) addicts. For your friends who cannot seem to leave home without getting that daily caffeine fix, and for those who always keep a mug at their office desk, these cups will bring color to their daily routines. It will allow you to be present at their coffee table, and even transport them to a British tearoom, or an old fashioned coffeehouse.

﹅ (1) by daichiki29 ﹅ (2) by wataru_adachi ﹅ (3) by 38.c0.co.ro

3. Handmade Crafts from Etsy

If you are not feeling vintage, you can find some very cool arts and crafts shops by indie artists based in Europe and Asia on Etsy. The Zürich based Fabrics by Amos Rimini have some beautiful works; handwoven bags, pouches, bracelets. And of course if you are feeling creative, browse through the Etsy shops, get inspired, and make your own tote bags at home.

﹅ by amosrimini

4. Your Photos in Print

LP records, vintage coffee cups, handmade crafts are all brilliant ways to celebrate your love and friendship this holiday season. But sometimes all we ever need is simply to be reminded of the wonderful moments we have together with our loved ones. What else does it better than photos in print received in the mail?

Here at TurnGram, we are excited to offer a wonderful addition to your list of gift ideas. With our new gift subscription feature, you can subscribe your friends and family for a limited time of your choice. After the gift subscription expires, they can keep the account. Imagine the smile on your loved ones’ faces when you take them to a journey to good old days with those photos.

Let us know what your favorite artsy gift ideas are for this coming holiday season in the comments below!

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