The Art of Photo Display

by ilianapt

Are you looking for ideas to create your own photo walls with your TurnGrams? Here are some really cool display ideas that will inspire your creativity.

Branches and Hangers

Use clip and wood hangers to display your photos.

Creative Frames

You can find some interestingly unique frames to hang decorate your home with photos.

Mixing Photos + Paintings / Art Prints

Try mixing your photos with paintings and art prints for a change of color.

Scandinavian Colors

Combine your black and white prints that go well with your Scandinavian inspired living rooms.

Frameless Photo Walls

And if you are just going for a literal photo wall, check these out from fellow Instagrammers.

by tezzamb
by zoelaz

What is your favorite way to display photos? Leave us a comment below with your ideas and techniques!

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