All across LA

2 people, 300 miles, 3 days

By Pavel S.

We decided to take a trip to different places in and around Los Angeles over three days — around the city, out to the beach, and up to the mountains. On the first day we took Ryan’s Alfa Romeo 4C for a drive around Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Mulholland Drive, and Downtown LA. It was Sunday, so the city was pretty empty, which lets us drive around quite easily.

We finished our day downtown taking pictures with beautiful sunshine over glass buildings. On the second day we decided to make a beach tour — Santa Monica to Malibu. After walking around the famous Santa Monica Pier, we took the Alfa for a drive up PCH all the way to Malibu, where we caught the most beautiful and colorful sunset we had ever seen.

The third day was the most awaited — we went up to Newcomb’s Ranch on Angeles Crest Highway to test the driving characteristics of the car. Alfa Romeos are built for these roads — curvy, speedy, with gorgeous views.

Later this day we met up with some friends and decided to make a quick run up to Mount Williamson to catch the sunset and see the stars. 7000-f00t elevation and clear skies gave us the great opportunity to see the whole sky covered with stars!

We had a really amazing time over these three days and I would like to say thanks to Turo for this great opportunity!

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