Exploring the Hoodoos

3 people, 649 miles, 3 days

by Ryker G.

Right before entering Bryce Canyon, you’ll already be blown away. You get to drive through not just one, but two tunnel/arches back to back. It’s already an incredible stopping point — and you aren’t even to Bryce Canyon yet.

Throughout the drive, there are many stops for you to get out and look over the guardrail, or do like we did and just peek out over you car.

The Natural Bridge is one of several natural arches in Bryce Canyon. This is one of the pull-off views on the scenic drive through the canyon. As we look through the arch and see the rich, dark green forest, we can only imagine what amazing wildlife is down there.

The views. The textures. The colors. No photo can do Bryce Canyon justice. It is a must-see in person to fully embrace its incredible views.

It was time to stretch our legs, do some hiking, and show our son what it’s all truly about.

After driving to all the viewpoints and hiking to the most amazing views that you couldn’t see by car, we decided it was time to cruise down through the forest to the north campground just before the sun was about to set.

As we got to the campground, we set up our hammock, folded down the seats, and enjoyed the great outdoors.

It was time to cozy up, drink some hot chocolate, and relax for the rest of the day. An end to an amazing trip that we won’t ever forget. Only the roads know where our next adventure will take us.

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