Kitesurfing Aloha-Style

2 people, 200 miles, 4 days

by Jérôme S.

My girlfriend and I decided to take a break and go to Maui for four days. Upon arrival at OGG, Michael picked us up curbside and we were already starting the adventure with his/our F-150.

The famous “Kite Beach” is a five minute drive from the airport. The 25 knots and 10-foot waves that day were very appealing so, despite the five hour flight, I went straight to the water for a kitesurfing session.

After an unsuccessful last-minute search for hotels and Airbnb, we decided to turn this trip into an itinerant camping trip. After getting our camping gear from Aloha Camping Kits, we took the windy road to Hana from Paia and started to explore this lush side of Maui.

On the road, Coconut Glen’s traditional ice creams helped us acclimate to the tropical conditions. So many spots were tempting so we took breaks as often as we could.

The next day in Hana, we randomly stumbled upon an artist gallery sign and decided to visit it. We met with Arabella in her studio and saw her exhibit. What an unexpected encounter in Hana: before moving to Hawaii, Arabella lived in Paris where she directed theater plays and had handful of anecdotes to share with us on her life there. It was funny for two French people who used to live in Paris to run into a fellow Parisian in as remote a place as Hana!

She had a beautiful view from her studio, which only added even more magic to the place.

One surprising thing on the road to Hana is the number of self-serve farm stands that pop up after each of the many narrow turns.

After some more turns, we stopped for the night at Kipahulu Campground and found the perfect spot for our tent, overlooking the ocean.

On our third day, after a short night, we were on the road again, leaving Hana and its isolated farms and headed towards the Haleakala summit. The volcano is 10,000 ft high and it takes almost two hours to drive to the summit. Drinking lots of water is highly recommended to avoid headaches with the rapid altitude change.

The landscape completely changes: the dryness and volcanic rocks of the Haleakala contrasts with the lush vegetation from Hana. The road took us to the Haleakala observatory. Their massive telescopes can see an object the size of a basketball 20,000 miles away!

On day four, after a night in Lahaina, we went snorkeling with the masks and fins that Michael had put in the car before dropping off the car at OGG and flying back to SFO.

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