Rainy weekend in the Bay

2 people, 149 miles, 2 days

By Eric Silva

Visited the Bay Area from Boston. We visited San Francisco, then went to a wonderful wedding in Pleasanton. Then we finished our trip visiting friends in El Cerrito.

Sushant’s Boxster’s compact size was great for city driving, and a lot of fun. On our way out of San Francisco, we stopped in the Outer Sunset, one of our favorite neighborhoods.

The pouring rain could not keep us from a hearty breakfast at Outerlands. The Chemex brewer reminded us of our native Massachusetts.

We took the coastal route south from San Francisco to the Rubino winery in Pleasanton. The wind and rain were no match for Sushant’s Porsche.

The day after the wedding, we drove to El Cerrito. We went hunting for winding roads in Anthony Chabot park. The rain paused giving us a chance to enjoy the park with the top down.

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