Treating the bride-to-be in Toronto

5 people, 45 kms, 1 day

by Farah G.

For my best friend’s mini bachelorette, I wanted to give this bride-to-be a series of mini treats so that she could enjoy everything she loves with a few of our friends.

The day had many surprises in store, so I decided to start it off by getting her ready in her apartment and then blindfolding her before revealing the first surprise: Gagan’s Tesla Model X, my friend’s favorite car, in the colour white, of course, to match the theme of the day!

In this luxurious car, we headed out to Her Majesty’s Pleasure to get our nails done, while we imbibed some cocktails. I wanted her to be very relaxed and pampered before the festivities started!

Next we headed down the street to Cali Love — her favourite place to eat. It’s a great place for a healthy lunch & smoothies.

Our bride to-be also enjoys running in High Park, so she drove us there to hang out in the sun and do a mini photoshoot with her, so we could remember this afternoon for years to come!

Because she’s a business woman with a passion for education, our final surprise of the day was attending the largest Lean In Canada event! We changed and hopped back into the Tesla Model X to go to the event. My friend is an inspiring woman with can-do attitude, so it was perfectly fitting to end this awesome day by being a part of a great cause.

The Model X definitely made our day memorable, and we had a great time cruising around Toronto in style!